From the Practice for the Practice

Special Seminars

The following seminars are only offered to good customers and on special request. Due to increasing demand, we generally have to put you on the waiting list.

Total Verbal Elasticity in Project Meetings

Flexible points of view combined with exciting global waffling: “I have no idea, do you have one?”

Graphological Balance Sheet Audit

The secret worlds of figures or how to survive the next quarter

Verbal Presence with Zero-Content

Talk like hairdressers, level V

Adaptive Customer Acquisition (Follow-Up)

Flexible competence suggestion on the phone

Excuse Management

Why we're always finished or hundred clean bills of health

Project Planning: Influence of schedule length on project success

Why at least 500 activities are required to convince managers of project complexity

Advanced HNC* Presentation Techniques

You learn to make 25 foils in 25 minutes regardless of the topic (incl. CD-ROM with 200+ filler foils)

* HNC: have no clue